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Gold trading strategy 10/30/2019

1480-1495 is the key point of gold today, and once the 1480-sized interval structure will proceed to change. And one time the upper break 1495, then continue to horizontal wide-format shock structure, day K began to slow down is a re-choice of direction. Today, the message surface is coming, more care should be paid to the key position can be held. You can find out that ADP is expected to be a lid, but the current price is not out of the expected, if the day to run, then ADP published value in favor of Lido actual gold bias down. Instead, the 1480 framework supports a heavy band of horizontal operation, and in the early hours of the morning there is an expected third rate cut, the Federal Reserve continues to appear. Functioning of the gold draw down 1483 to do more, loss in 1478, the target look4foran be. 

Today’s Gold Trading Strategy Recommendations:

Gold: 1483 Buy, 1478 Stop Loss, 1494 Take Profit