Gold trading strategy 11/01/2019

Amber, the trend is still relatively in line with expectations, the Federal Reserve this year to complete three interest rate cuts, gold quickly down to steady 1480 levels rebound! Since Tuesday night’s sky-high smashing began, until now, the 1480 is a low-level multi-layout opportunity! The point of persuasion is very clear, the midterm adjustment bottom, after the end of the short is the home of the bulls, and it is likely that 1480 is the starting point of the market. We mention Edd-close the gold-day line adjustment, the band rise can begin at any time!

After retesting the 1480 marker in the early hours of Thursday morning to complete the bottoming recovery, the hour line closed extremely long down the shadow line K line, Showing obvious signs of stopping the decline. Paired off with yesterday’s continuation of the rebound trend, then 1480 lines are bottoming success, the daily line level officially entered the bull strong. Subsequently the market can be seen higher, so the short-term operation, we are still in short-term small retreat after the layout of buy-in.

Today’s Gold Trading Strategy Recommendations:
Gold: 1507 Buy, 1504 Stop Loss, 1517 Take Profit

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