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Oil trading strategy 10/30/2019

The crude oil’s 55.5 short order was harvested at 54.7 last night, and just after a walk it has been a lift. The 1-hour rise structure of crude oil has gone bad, but the bottom of 54.7 is supported, the anti-pumping force can be. The evening API Lido anti-fall is expected to proceed ahead, so is tonight’s EIA. API published values and outlooks are not large, so EIA suspense is still relatively large in the past two weeks are cold end. And from today’s technical point of view, 54.6 first-line break is the winder if the second step can not break still has the momentum to continue to pull up. Thus the operation touched, 54.6 to do more, loss at 54, the target look for 56.8 can be. 

Today’s Oil Trading Strategy Recommendations:

Oil: 54.6 Buy, Stop Loss 54.0, Take Profit 56.8