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Oil trading strategy 11/04/2019

Oil Day line level on Thursday five consecutive test of the upper channel line support after Friday’s strong rise and pause the above trend line suppression. Bollinger Bands as a whole remain in an upward-dispersing state, and Oil runs between the upper tracks in the Bollinger Bands. The daily EMA 20-day moving average is supporting around 55, and oil is currently coming to the Bollinger Bands track in four hours. Later the early jump higher open, the MACD gold fork red energy column continued to disperse, The S5 trend trading system in 55.5-55.0 to form a support area, 1 hour levels for the morning Oil fall back. At present, the fast turn slow line flat, there is the formation of a dead forks trend, S5 trend trading system double moving point has made a dead fork trend. Short-term oil prices look down, the lower Bollinger Bands mid-track and trend line anti-support in the vicinity of 55.3, Intraday trading down 55.3 near the low multi-operation can be.

Today’s Oil Trading Strategy Recommendations:
Oil: 55.3 Buy, 54.8 Stop Loss, 56-56.5 Take Profit

Oil trading strategy 11/01/2019

The crude Oil hour chart began to run down the ladder, and there was still the next action in the short term. The upper resistance is at the top, bottom position of 54.5 lines, while the most recent support is at 53.6, the previous starting point. Only in this form down this support is difficult to hold, recently to focus on the technical side to stop the decline of the signal. Saudi Aramco officially began its IPO in November, then oil prices will get a boost to some extent. Of course, the news surface has such an opportunity, but also needs technical aspects to cooperate with each other, the signal to block the fall is to make more opportunities again. Short-term operation sees 54.5 short, loss at 55, target to 53.6 can be.

Today’s Oil Trading Strategy Recommendations:

Oil: 54.5 Sell, 55.0 Stop Loss, 53.6 Take Profit

Oil trading strategy 10/31/2019

U.S. EIA crude stocks rose 5.702 million barrels in the week ended Oct. 25, far more than anticipated. In the absence of substantial production cuts, oil costs are under pressure. And as the writer has previously pointed out, despite the decline in drilling, U.S. Crude oil production continues at a record high. The analysis stated that as the maintenance season gradually passed, U.S. Refineries began to take up work, crude oil production increased. But next month’s Saudi Aramco IPO will limit the price of oil to a certain extent. Technically, it’s still a volatile movement. The large range is $50.5-60. Short-term support 54, strong support 53 dollars. Pressure $56, $56.5.

Today’s Oil Trading Strategy Recommendations:
Oil: 54 Buy, 53.5 Stop Loss, 55 Take Profit